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Transport Facilities

School Transport

Private contractors have been engaged to conduct van and bus services for the school. This transport facility provided is purely optional and may be utilized by parents only if it meets with their approval and suits their needs. At end of each year a circular will be sent asking if you require school transport for your ward, from the beginning of the school session and every effort will be made to ensure adequate proper seating for those who do so timely. Parents seeking the use of school transport after the start of the school session may not be accommodated.

The school only facilitates coordination of parents and transporters. Complaints if any can be addressed to the transport in charge Mr Vinod Krishnan 9815772299.

Tranporter's List
Sr. No.Bus No.DriverMob. No. AttendantMob. No. Route 1   7:00am to 2:30pm (Summer timing)
8:00am to 2:50pm (Winter timing)
Route 2  9:00am to 1:00pm (Summer timing)
9:30am to 1:30pm (Winter timing)
1CH04D 0175Arjun Singh8699202826Anita Devi7986824308Naya Gaon, 11,12, 14, 25,15,16,23,22,21 A & B-
2CH04 2572Tony Victor9357356290Suman Rani783708643526,7, 5, Lake,Chandigarh Club,8,18,19,17,9,10-
3CH04 7482Ram Avtar7508173431Radha783709031321,2012, 14,15,20,21C,21D,16,23
4CH04 D 0180Vijay Singh9888190697Neema Devi783709001350,49,48,47,4650,49,48,47,46
5CH04 9615Veerpal Singh768700700Arti896833558261,51,45,34,3245,34,33,51,32
6CH01TA 6254Vijay Bahadur9915507447Flora977907493327,28,29,3027,28,29,30
7CH 03 S 7346Puran Barua9814707416Amarjeet Kaur783763899236,37,DMC, Dhnas36,37,38.38W
8CH01TA 5734Karuna9888970605Vijya988897060538,38W, 37D-
9CH04 3905Subhash Kumar9815008686Renu Chauhan947891973144,4344,43
10CH03V 7449Satdev Kumar9876154584Kiran950199424755,41,42,3555,56,39,40,41,42,35
11CH04D 0143Subarmanium9888744667Nirmal kaur819800626239,40,41-
12CH04 1261Ankit Lal9815328084Diksha988824126824,23,2223,22
13CH04 0023Darshan Singh9815085183Amandeep Kaur991543316771,70,,69,68,3B2,Phase-7-
14CH03R 2581Inderpal Singh9217706781Sonia998874529665,64,63,66,80-
15CH04D 0316Ram Nath7888522961Sunita7508949883 Patiala Road,VIP Road, Ambala RoadDhakoli, Royal Estate, VIP Road, Patiala Road, Airport, Ram Darbar
16CH01 TB 7492Jaspal Singh9855007677Simarjeet Kaur7508317465Ajit Enclave, Mundi Kharar, Phase 1,2,4,5,3A,3B1-
17CH01TA 1436Raj Kumar8054346780Nirmala Rai8194887548Panchkula 4,11,15,16,9,8,7, Mani Majra,MHC,31Panchkula 9,7,15  Mani Majra, 31
18CH01TA 2464Palwinder Singh7888522961Mamta9914748284Airport, Ram Darbar,Silver City, VIP Road, Patiala Road-
19CH01TA 1396Jagdish9815580447Rama7837086435Dhakoli, Bhalana 
20CH03X 7824Bindlesh Kumar9876458482Gulshan9646733851Baltana, Preet Colony, Royal Estate,Zirakpur