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Check Class X & XII Result   |  Nursery class list of selected candidates   |  LKG class list of selected candidates   |  EVENT :   Our young skater Janvi of Class VI once again brought home a Bronze medal for a Dance performance on skates at the Chandigarh Urban Festival 2020. Congratulations.  |   EVENT :   Intra House Competitions 2019-2020   |   EVENT :   Sanvideep of Class 1A won a Gold medal in her age category in the 113th North Region Abacus Competition  |   EVENT :   Ishaan Tahseen of Class V took part in Discover School Super League (DDSL)  |   EVENT :   Kavya of Class V got a Gold in the Rink race 1000 meters and Silver medals in the Road Race 1500 meters and 500 meters  |  

Principal's Desk

At Saupin’s our endeavour is to contribute to the future of our
country by giving it intelligent, disciplined, innovative and hardworking citizens.

We believe in the individual development of students by identifying their aptitude and helping them develop it further.

That the school is successful in implementing the latest teaching technologies and numerous co-and extracurricular activities  is there for all the citizens of the tricity to see.
We believe in the partnership of students, teachers and parents.
                                          Mrs. Surita Sharma