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Saupin’s School


I have read the rules of the school applying to the parent and the student, in the school diary / school website and undertake to abide by them, and any changes made therein, from time to time.

In particular, I will abide by the following rules:

1.       I accept that the school uses cutting edge modern technology for education, which at a certain stage will require access to the internet/computers/smart phones/tablets at home.

2.       The school lays special stress on all round activities like sports and other clubs (see list) and expects parents to encourage children to take active part, even after school hours.

3.       Children selected to represent the school may be required to travel nationally / internationally and parent are expected to encourage and facilitate such competitions.

4.       I am aware that from class 3 onwards the school will operate for longer hours and I undertake to accept this despite distance from school and / or any tuitions etc. the child may be undergoing privately.

5.       No change of date of birth (from as in the Birth certificate) of student will be allowed.

6.       No change in the names of the student either parent / guardian shall be allowed without due process as specified by the CBSE:-

  ·         Affidavit signed by the executive Magistrate.

  ·         Advertisement in two newspapers.

 ·         Inclusion in the official Gazette.

7.       No student will be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours. NO HALF DAY LEAVE.

8.       Students must come to school neatly and cleanly dressed, in their complete school uniform prescribed for the season.

9.       Students must reach 5 minutes before the bell. Late comers will be sent back home.

10.    The school follows a point system for conduct / misbehavior. After a certain limit students will be detained after school. Parents will have to make transport arrangements.

For Classes VI-XII, marks in the academic subjects will be downgraded or upgraded according to conduct / behavior.

11.    Parents must check the school app/website regularly for homework/updates / circulars.

12.    I understand that school fees have to be paid on time, and that there will be a late fee of Rs. 50/- per day for any delay. In any event, the school reserves the right to strike off the names of those students whose fees are in arrears of more than 3 months. Also that the school will not permit joining a class in the next session if all fees/dues are not cleared before the beginning of the new session.

13.    In the event of any natural or manmade disaster, I undertake to continue paying fees etc. as per directions of the administration / courts as the case may be.

14.  I also undertake not to participate in any agitation or demonstration and tarnish the fair name of the school in any public fora. Any valid complaints may be forwarded to the school authorities for redressal.

Signature of Parent

Father                                                                                                    Mother

Child’s Name: ___________________               Reg. No. ____________