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School Rules and Regulations

Saupin’s School, Chandigarh

Managed and controlled by

The Saupin Education Foundation

C/o Saupin’s School, #14, Sector 32 A, Chandigarh

School Rules and Regulations

In all matters concerning the School, the decision of the Principal / Headmistress shall be final.


  1. Parents who desire their children to continue into the next level (year) must make payment of fees by failing which, the seat may be given to another deserving child.
  2. Parents who wish to withdraw their children from school at the end of the session must inform the school office in writing by the 1st of March of that session. Requests for withdrawal after this date will invite a minimum charge of Rs. 2500/-.
  3. Parents who wish to withdraw their children after the start of the academic session, must give at least one calendar month's (30 days) notice in writing, or pay one month's fees, in lieu of notice.
  4. Parents are advised that a transfer certificate can be issued only when a child is withdrawn and ceases to attend school.
  5. Admission Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  6. School fee must be paid by the last date mentioned along with the fee structure. Non payment of fee beyond one quarter of an academic year may result in forfeiture of the caution money and the defaulting student is liable to be struck off the rolls.
  7. All disputes subject to Chandigarh (U.T) Jurisdiction.


  1. Students must come to school neatly and cleanly dressed, in their complete school uniform prescribed for the season.
  2. Students must reach school at least 5 minutes before the bell. Latecomers may be sent back home. Students availing bus transport must reach their appointed stops well in time.
  3. Irregular attendance, neglect of home work, insubordination with teachers, willful disobedience or behaviour not in-tune with the general discipline of the school, will be dealt with seriously and may result in stay back(s) (remediation) / suspension / dismissal.
  4. Any kind of damage to school property will be made good by the offender. In some cases penal and exemplary fines may also be imposed.
  5. Bullying and usage of foul language are punishable offences.
  6. Students are not permitted to bring objectionable books, magazines or other such literature to school. Radios, video games, mobile phones, pagers and other electronic gadgets are not permitted in school. Expensive watches, ornaments / valuables or jewellery are also not permitted.
  7. Students are responsible for their own belongings. Parents should ensure that tiffin boxes, school bags, cardigans, blazers, books, etc. bear the name of the child. In any case the school will not be held responsible for any valuables, including money, that may be lost.
  8. Participation in all School activities including sports / games, co-curricular activities is compulsory. Any child who needs to be exempted for medical reasons must submit a doctor's certificate, certifying the necessity. Participation in extra and co-curricular activities organised by the school is compulsory. For some items practice beyond school hours or on holidays may be mandatory. For children selected to represent the school in competitive events (whether in Chandigarh or elsewhere) participation is compulsory. Travel and stay arrangements will be the responsibility of the school. Participating children will be eligible for up-gradation of grades in their academic result.
  9. Students from different sections may be shuffled as per recommendation of the class teacher at the beginning of the new session We request your support in this matter.
  10. Students will NOT be allowed to bring cells phones to School under any circumstances. However, in the event of an emergency, students may make / receive phone calls at the reception.
  11. In case of illness or some other commitment, children should not be sent to school at all, even if there is any kind of test. It is extremely unreasonable that children who are ill should be sent for tests. Children will be allowed to leave the school premises only if the Principal/Headmistress is satisfied that there is a genuine emergency that the parent was not aware of at the time of sending the child to school.
  12. Leave will be sanctioned only against the prescribed leave application form, duly signed by the parent, either in advance or latest on the day of attendance. Failure to do so, may result in the student being sent back home.
  13. For students of Classes IX, X, XI and XII it is mandatory that the leave application be accompanied by confirmation in person (by either parent) or by a phone call, between 8.00 am and 9.00 am.
  14. Underage children are not allowed to commute to school on self-driven motor vehicles (Cars /Scooter/ Motor Cycles). It has been made mandatory for the school to report offenders to the authorities


  1. Check your designated cell phone everyday. All messages, notices, including homework are sent regularly through S.M.S’s. Please make sure that your phone has the current school communication App.
  2. Give sufficient time and attention towards the academic progress and daily work of your child. If you wish to discuss a matter of concern, contact the Principal/Headmistress.
  3. Be available, if it is necessary, to discuss aspects of your child’s behaviour at school. Be open to listening and considering the teacher’s opinion regarding your child, even when the comments may be less than complimentary.
  4. Append you signature to messages, report cards or other documents when requested to do so.
  5. Your child must attend school regularly, especially the first and the last day of a school term. Written permission must be sought from the Principal/Headmistress in case a child is not able to attend school.
  6. In all official correspondence with the school, the full name of the child as well as the class section and roll number should be stated.
  7. Any change in address or phone number must be notified to the school office with immediate effect in writing.
  8. Conduct/Discipline
  • Parents are expected to exert firm parental discipline where their child’s behaviour is a distracting influence, and an obstruction to learning opportunities for others in the school.
  • A detailed system of conduct records has been worked out where by students may be able to improve their grades in academic subjects on the basis of their good conduct. Bad conduct on the other hand may attract penalties and a lowering of grades in the case of certain students.
  1. Private tuitions are strongly discouraged. Children must be encouraged to do their homework by themselves. It is important that children develop a habit of working on their own (with parental guidance if necessary). In any event, the services of a school teacher cannot be used for the private tutoring of a student after school hours.
  2. It is imperative for parents to attend all Parent/Teacher Meetings and Orientation Programmes of the school. The school will take a serious view of parents regularly absenting themselves from such meetings, or those who show disinterest or unconcern towards their child’s education.
  3. Keep your child at home if he/she is suffering from contagious diseases like mumps, measles, chicken pox, conjunctivitis, etc. Your child is to rejoin school; only with a doctor’s fitness certificate. The following periods of isolation are recommended.

   Measles: 5 days after the rash disappears

   Mumps: 1 week after the swelling subsides

   Chicken Pox: Till the blisters dry and fall off.

   Conjunctivitis: Till end of white discharge from eyes.

  1. Birthdays: Parents may not send gifts or eatables to celebrate their wards birthdays in school. Children must wear their school uniforms.
  2. It is understood that school will take all possible care and precautions to safeguard children when they are in school premises. However, the school will not be held responsible for any mishap beyond its control.
  3. A teacher should not be criticized in front of your child, as it undermines his/her respect for the teacher and the school. Should you have a legitimate complaint, please meet the Principal/Headmistress.
  4. Parents may not meet the class teacher/subject teacher or their children during the school hours in their classrooms. Class teacher/subject teacher or student may be met in the reception area after obtaining permission form the Principal/Headmistress.
  5. Holidays Declared in Newspapers by the U.T/State Administration

Parents should bear in mind that if a holiday or a change in timings/ as declared by the U.T/State Administration through the newspapers, TV they should comply with it and not send the children to school.

  1. Dealing with Staff

Parents are instructed that they should not enter into any monetary dealings with teachers or staff of the school. School fee should be deposited at the authorized places only. Teachers, P.T.I.s, sub staff and drivers are not authorized personnel to be entrusted with school fee.

Parents are notified that engaging rickshaws/ auto rickshaws and vans are not safe and not permitted by the transport Department. It has been made mandatory for the school to report such vehicles to the authorities in any case the school does not take any responsibility for such vehicles.