School Fee


Dated 02.07.20 

Dear Parent

As you are aware the Hon. Punjab and Haryana High Court has declared the final judgement in the fee case on 30.06.2020

As a result Saupin’s School:

1. Has decided to charge fees as per the session 2019-20.

(However a special application is being made to the DEO for permission to increase

fee on account of continuing loss being suffered by the school)

2. Full fee on monthly basis, and Admission fee (if any is payable)

3. The judgement makes special mention of schools charging only under the head of

Tuition / or Quarterly Fee, and it is to be paid in full.

You are therefore required to clear all arrears of April, May and June (if any) with in 10 days

from today, failing which further action may be taken, as per school rules.

All previous or current payments are subject to adjustments (shortfall or surplus) as per the

current court order.

The school, will therefore adjust any excess or shortfall in the ensuring months.

In the event of any new / superior orders the school and the parents will be liable to follow it

and make any adjustments if required

Please ignore if you have already paid the requisite amount.


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