Regarding Google Meet



                            Date: 29.04.20

Dear Parent

 Please take note of the changes in the Time Table and ensure your ward attends the classes regularly. To address your concern about the safety of the zoom the school is migrating to Google Meet - ..a much more secure system than zoom. The link to join Meet will be shared soon. Your are requested to download meet from app store/playstore for smartphones (if you are using one) or copy paste the link sent on the address bar of google search engine to join a class. There are no IDs and passwords. In order to make online learning effective you are advised to ensure your ward’s follow VIRTUAL HYGIENE They must 1. Be punctual. A teacher has to admit students even after the class has started.(A distraction) 2.Mute themselves when they are attending classes. Unmute to answer questions or clarify doubts. 3. Sit at a place where preferably there are less distractions like sound of TV, parents chatter etc. 4. Keep notebook and pen/pencil with them to take notes. Keep water bottle with them. 5. Wait for Q/A sessions to clarify their doubts. 6 Leave meetings when the teacher says the session is over. 7. Not to call teacher in between when the session is on. Teachers are working very hard to ensure there is a holistic overall development. Please co-operate. All classes and programs are designed keeping in mind the mental /emotional/physical activities. The online classes will continue up to 1st May for the Foundation to class 5. For classes 6th to 8th upto 2nd May. The summer break is from 3rd May with *No* *online classes* . Wishing you all a restful time ...stay at home. Stay Healthy and Happy 


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