Online classes



                        Date: 02.04.2020

 Dear Parent

 As per the earlier notice we would starting our online classes soon, as getting back to the regular classroom routine may take some time 

• A ‘Demo video’ will soon be posted on edusecure. 

• Teachers have been trained to hold these classes. 

• The classes can be accessible on laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

• Each one of you may face different challenges as it will depend on your device, connectivity, internet capacity; Audio / video compatibility.

 • We will be going ahead with classes 3rd to 8th initially and later on with the Preprimary I and II.

 • All lessons will be at a comfortable pace and will also be taken when the school reopens.

 • The schedule for these classes will be posted soon on edusecure. 

• An appeal to all the IT experts amongst our parent groups. Come forward and help each other. 

• We will always be ready to help. We are committed to the safety and well being of our children mental and emotional.

 Take care, stay safe.


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