Classes Nursery to 1 regarding Mahattattwa


Notice for Classes Nursery to I

Dated:- 27.02.2020

Dear Parent

This is to inform you that in keeping with our commitment, we constantly keep bringing you the latest improvements in all areas and fields of school education. Be it cutting edge technology or the latest methods in pedagogy and teacher training.

We started our teacher training in October 2019 to implement some powerful strategies in the new session through a Continuous Professional Development programme for our teachers. This will continue, with monthly assessments and interventions. This process, we may mention (at considerable cost) will remain in position for atleast 2 years.

The target behind this exercise, which has been assigned to one of the top pedagogical firms “Mahattattva” is to transform our children into thinking, emotionally balanced and creative students.

The Mahattattva curriculum is designed to ensure that teaching, learning and assessment are aligned to identified learning outcomes at all times. You will learn more about the programme when you attend the Orientation sessions at the beginning of the new session.

The complete academic curriculum will be transacted through a ‘composite curriculum book’ which contains all the relevant ‘subjects’ and required work sheets etc. Students will be supplied with 4 such ‘books’ (one for each quarter) in a year, thus keeping the school bag extremely light. The total cost for these curriculum books will a total of Rs. 2000/- per annum/child to be paid in advance.

Other than this students will have to arrange for some writing and art materials like pencils, erasers, sharpners, crayons, colour pencils, oil pastels, paints, brushes etc. We are in the process of working out the cost for these materials (in addition to the Rs 2000/-) and will advise you as soon as possible.


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