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House Competitions

With a view to promoting team work, kinship and a healthy spirit of competition, children from Classes I to X have been divided into 4 houses, named after trees.-ASPEN,CLOVER,MAPLE AND SYCAMORE Throughout the year, sports and other inter-house competitions are organized. Houses secure credits based on their performance. At the end of the year, the winning house is awarded ' House of the Year' Trophy. Houses are guided and motivated by the house mistresses, supporting teachers and student council members.


Aspen House Clover House Maple House Sycamore House

Fight the good fight

Ever Onward

In Honour Bound

Against all odds

Competitions  (Fortnightly)

Children also participate in inter- school competitions like MUN, parliamentary Debates etc. The MUN is an academic simulation of the UN that aims to educate participants about current events, communications &; international diplomacy and brings into play skills like public speaking, negotiation and conflict resolution. The exuberance of the youth is tapped at a nascent stage through participation in such programmes.

Inter House Co-Curricular Activities  2019-2020
Classes I & II Classes III & V Classes VI to VIII
Show & Tell                                              Spell bee Spell Bee
Mental Maths Quiz    Spin a Yarn English Elocution
Poetry recitation                                         Mental Maths R J
Role Play                                                       English Elocution Punjabi Poetry Recitation
Story telling                                                     Hindi Elocution Hindi Debate
Spell Bee                                                           Computer Competition English Extempore
Let’s learn to discuss & debate                      Patriotic  Song Role Play
Patriotic Song                                               Modern Dance(Solo) Patriotic Song Competition
Best out of waste                                      English Debate Advertisement
Creative Writing                                        Folk Dance Modern Dance 
State Capital   Quiz                                 Hindi debate English Debate
Science quiz                                              Spell bee Computer Quiz
Collage Making                                     Computer Quiz English Declamation
Computer Quiz                                        Healthy Tiffin Solo Song
Spell bee                                              GK QUIZ Hindi Poetry Recitation
Hindi recitation                                         English Poetry Recitataion Gk Quiz
G.K. Quiz                                                     English Solo Song Folk Dance
Modern dance                                               English Extempore Punjabi Declamation
Quiz on Healthy Diet Hindi Poetry Recitation Spin -A-Yarn
Solo Dance   Hindi Declamation
Bookmark making    
Traffic Quiz    
Quiz on different seasons    

  Inter House Sports Activities 2019-2020  
  Division-B Division-C Division-D
Sr.No Classes-4,5 Classes-2,3  Class -1
1 Long Jump Long Jump Kangaroo Relay
2 Medicine Ball Throw Medicine Ball Throw Dog & The Bone
3 Handball Kangaroo Relay Tunnel Ball
4 Handball Step In The Ring Step In The Ring
5 Kho-Kho Kho-Kho Kho - Kho
6 Kho-Kho Kho-Kho Kho - Kho
7 Throw Ball Throw Ball Dribbling With The Ball
8 Throw Ball Throw Ball Pass The Ball
9 Dodge Ball Dodge Ball Dodge Ball
10 Dodge Ball Dodge Ball Dodge Ball
11 Football Football Football
12 Football Football Football
13 Cricket  Football Cricket
14 Cricket  Cricket Cricket
15 Cricket  Cricket Cricket
16 Netball Cricket Upper Hand Pass Ball
17 Netball Keep And Bring The Ball Keep And Bring The Ball
18 Netball