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Secondary School

The school follows a system of periodic assessment. Evaluation is continuous and comprehensive to encourage children to be independent and regular in their studies.

Thorough understanding of the subjects is promoted along with thinking ability. We ensure with great care that syllabus is covered, notebooks are corrected and class work, homework and correction work is done on time. However emphasis is not on students' performance, but on how successful the school has been in achieving well-defined educational goals.

Classes (VI to VIII)

Keeping in mind the CCE system children are assessed periodically through Formative and Summative Assesments in each semester. Formative assessment will be carried out during the course of instruction for providing continuous feedback to both the teachers and learners. It includes pen and paper test individual and group activities and projects. 

Summative assessment will be carried out at the end of each term to measure how much a student has learned from the course.

Question papers for the Middle School are designed as given for the primary classes. Students are directed to understand and analyse the content of the subject matter and are encouraged to move beyond the text book and classroom.

Again, a composite report card showing grades is given out at the end of each semester.

Grade scale for Classes VI - VIII

Grade Marks Range Grade Point
A1 91 - 100 10.0
A2 81 - 90 9.0
B1 71 - 80 8.0
B2 61 - 70 7.0
C1 51 - 60 6.0
C2 41 - 50 5.0
D 33 - 40 4.0
E1 21 - 32 3.0
E2 00 - 20 2.0