Saupins news Paramveer Singh Sandhu bagged 2nd Position in the Second tricity Karate tournament 2020 | Rishita Sharma won bronze in Asset Talent search assessment,December 2019


  • Robotics: Six complete kits plus other components to be assembled and programmed by individual children on dedicated computers.
  • Baking /Cooking: OTG's/ovens and assorted kitchen equipment.
  • Music: Synthesizer keyboards, drum sets, guitars and allid electronic equipment (Mixer, amp & speakers, mics)
  • The Saupin's School Mohali has a Basket ball court. The complete area has been provided with 14ft high chain link fencing and state of the art fibre glass boards.

In addition to all this, the entire school building is served with a wifi internet /server connections for use in all classrooms. All teachers, (excepting pre-primary, art/craft and PTIs) have individual laptops for teaching /record keeping / preparational work etc.

The school has invested in numerous software pragrammes to facilitate interactive teaching,learning and testing.

  • ASSET - a diagnostic skill-based assessment in English, Maths and Science for Classes III - VIII.
  • 'Design mate' - a 3D animated software for the teaching of Maths and Science ? Classes I ?VIII.
  • 'English Edge' - interactive software with record / playback, facility for English Language Lab for Classes III - VIII.
  • 'Iken' - mechanical / electrical models, toys, project kits for the teaching of Science.
  • Over 355 educational / inspirational DVDs / CDs.