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Headmistress Desk

Mrs. Gurujyoti Kapany

Education is the basic right of all children. Each child is unique with his or her own strengths that need to be appreciated and honed. The right kind of environment can do wonders for a child's growth and provide the impetus in creating a sensitive, intelligent adult who is an asset to the society.

One often talks about how a child is like wet clay that can be "moulded" into something beautiful if the "potter" has the experience. But I honestly feel that every child inherently has the calibre to achieve a wonderful future and don't need to be moulded but allowed the freedom, to think and question. It is so important for children to grow up not as army of young "educated minds" as depicted by Pink Floyd but as creative intelligent minds. Schools today aim to prepare their students to be abreast with modern trends and technology. With geographical boundaries shrinking, everyone aspires to be a global citizen; no one wants to be left behind.

At Saupin's importance is laid on learning through different methods. Every effort is made by the teachers to involve the children in the learning process. Since the past two years, our students have been initiated into virtual learning where different programs are used to encourage learning. Students are given online home assignments which gives a student the opportunity to learn at their pace. They are monitored by the teachers and continuously assessed as well. Thus, giving them the independence to learn exactly how they want to but also have a helping hand right besides them to help them through where they need that little push.

Visuals always leave a strong impact and as a result are a strong learning tool as well. Smart boards, multimedia, power point presentations are used to facilitate in learning important concepts. Today a lot of stress is laid on technical skills and how one needs to be technology savvy or know what the latest is when it comes to anything related to computers. My generation did not learn on computers, we were encouraged to go out and play, read as much as we could, television was a luxury and when it became part of the household it was rationed. Time to sleep and time to wake up was fixed. Parent's never 'bribed' us nor did we put conditions on them on what we should get if we did well. It was expected that one will always work hard and put in ones best. I think we all did fine.

We want our students to not only embrace the future but also have their values intact.

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. - Sydney J. Harris