The first tentative steps that a child takes out of his home into play school mark the beginning of a long journey. We at Saupin's School consider it our privilege and responsibility to make this journey fruitful and enjoyable.

Self esteem, self reliance, self discipline and autonomy are fostered. The teacher ensures that all children have opportunities to experience success, to recognize their own accomplishments, and to develop pride in their work.

Keeping this in view the child is provided with learning opportunities and a secure, child friendly environment, within which he discovers himself and the world around him. Each child is nurtured and encouraged to work at his own pace, to draw out his unique potential.

Our classroom culture allows children to experience positive, supportive interaction with adults and peers, thereby promoting in them an understanding and appreciation for the uniqueness of all people. The aim is to raise happy, healthy and socially well adjusted children.

Our programmes are child centred. Learning is informal and children learn through activities –play, songs, rhymes, dramatization, audio visual presentations and other interactive teaching aids. We seek to stimulate their creativity and curiosity, inculcate in them a love for learning, and kindle their imagination… for these are what remain—long after one has forgotten all that is learnt.

In order to keep ourselves abreast of the latest global trends and development in the field of education we encourage and support the following activities:

  1. Seminar and workshops for teachers so that they can update their skills
  2. Interaction with institutions with similar aims and objectives, thereby sharing knowledge and assimilating valuable updates in the field of education.